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We were inspired by the purpose of Education Outsource. The public education world today needs major “ennovation and renovation.  Education Outsource and their consultants are striving to change the world of education leveraging technology to provide “e-nnovation”.  It was a wonderful challenge to design and develop a “brand” that spoke to the “out of the box” solutions that our client provided.  We have finished the first phase of the web strategy we planned together which consisted of:

  • Logo design
  • Web Design
  • Blog

We are currently developing phase II which is several mobile products that will be leveraged to save costs and provide “ennovation” to school systems around america.


Education Outsource is an accomplished educational organization founded by a former overworked teacher and frustrated mother searching for solutions to the needs of her students. Having taught in both public schools, private schools, and colleges for over ten years she begin to introduce her love for technology into the curriculum of her students and the outcome produced astounding results. Not only where students far more effective, she found that she was more efficient as a teacher and parent.   These outcomes coupled with her passion, years as an experienced educator, and business acumen created the vision for Education Outsource, a technology based solution for parents, teachers, administrators, schools, and educational entities.

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