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RUTH RUHL, P.C. (“Firm”) was established in 1999 and provides residential real estate services to include loss mitigation document preparation, title review, recordation in all fifty (50) states, compliance, loan retention and loan origination.

The Firm understands and recognizes the stringent demands that investors place on mortgage servicers by requiring each defaulted loan to go through loss mitigation prior to foreclosure referral. The Firm’s expertise in understanding investor requirements for documents and title is imperative to ensure a smooth process. The Firm will provide quality service in facilitating the document preparation and title orders. This allows the Firm’s clients to become more efficient and cost effective in the client’s ability to process an even greater volume of loss mitigated loans.

RUTH RUHL, P.C. was having all kind of issues delivering needed functionality to their clients.  They needed their systems stabilized and that “dirty drawer in the kitchen” organized.  Marcole was recommended to them by another client of ours and was told that “they walk on water” literally that was the phone call we got from CEO Ruth Ruhl in Fall of 2014.  So the pressure was on to under promise and over deliver.  Since then we have been able to provide a transparent development environment and over deliver on many areas of need.  We maintain their systems and provide awesome functionality on a monthly basis.  We are excited to partner with Ruth and her team!

We are excited that now that the dirty drawer is organized we can start on more awesome technology that will allow them to stay on the cutting edge and deliver exceptional value to their clients!

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