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CEO Jim Shivers and MSI have been providing a quality product to the Mortgage Servicing industry for over 29 years.  They inherited a system that had gaps in functionality and lack the type of efficiency that would help them achieve optimal turnaround times to their clients.  Marcole was recommended to Jim and his staff and we quickly begin the analysis phase of this project.  In spite of their success we identified several areas of opportunity:

  • Inefficiencies in IT infrastructure and product design that prevented extensibility and restricted the growth of MSI.
  • Systems were disconnected and forced manual intervention
  • Multiple databases that had to be maintained by hand in some cases providing multiple points of failure
  • Legacy Database was unreliable and experienced several hard drive failures puting the business at risk

With the help of their internal IT staff we begin to design a software foundation that would allow for the type of flexibility and growth they needed in order to take advantage of the business opportunities that were coming their way.

We begin with their Inspection system which was the core entry component of their business model.  We designed a enterprise database system that provided a singular point of connection for the flow of data.  Next we architect-ed a software framework that was easily maintainable and provided efficient and consistent connection to the enterprise data system.  Throughout the process we provided consulting services and training on best practice software development life cycle practices for the development process.  Those processes included but were not limited to:

  • Code Reviews
  • Integrated Source Control
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Communication of Features, Bugs, Tasks, and time lines to upper management
  • Creating Development and Production Environments
We considered this project a huge success considering the many complexities that we experienced throughout this project based on the following success criteria:
  • Significant reduction of data entry hours spent by MSI Personnel
  • Huge increase of monthly orders capacity
  • A more stable infrastructure and extensible software solution
  • Implementation of a more efficient work flow process
  • Ease of system maintainability by internal IT staff
  • 20% to 30% decrease in turn around time to end client
We provided a several additional services that included:
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design Prototyping
  • Accounting Software Integration
  • Window Service Development
  • Project Management


For 29 years, MSI has provided the highest standards of quality and service in the field service industry. MSI has maintained these standards while providing cost effective solutions to various clients. Over the years MSI has been able to increase clients’ efficiency and effectiveness by staying focused on training and quality control.

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