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Our Process

1. Strategy / Analysis

The first step is to begin analysis and industry research. Our goal is to define who your market is, what their needs are, and what solutions you offer. We create a branded online identity package that will set you apart. Then we create a storyboard step by step process to ensure your project is a success!

2. Creative Design

Our second step is left to the creative geniuses of our company. While we are inspired by many things we understand the need to combine our inspiration with, well researched industry best practices, to construct “awe inspiring” products. We don’t just create, we build strategic design.

3. Approval

The third step is client approval. We sincerely value your input and convections as it relates to our work. Our desire is to create a product that is representative of your company, your values, your audience, your product. This is in essence your design.

4. Development

Fourth step begins with our software architects and development team. We implement the now approved design to come alive with quality and precision.

5. Quality without Compromise

The fifth step is the most important here at Marcole.  We take pride in ensuring that we always deliver a quality product. Therefore our quality assurance team works tirelessly to review and correct any defects or flaws that may arise during the implementation phase. The end result is a product of perfection.

6. Deliver

Sixth Stage is delivery. A well branded, creative and “awe inspiring” product prepared for the world to see!

7. Maintenance

Lastly, we love to maintain relationships here are Marcole. Therefore we strive to create a maintenance environment where our clients can continue to use a product that is flawless and free of defects.